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Choosing the right insurance plan is complicated, especially if you are not familiar with the terms and the benefits offered. For over 30 years, John Raske Insurance Agency has helped your neighbors pick the right insurance plans that best suit their needs, and is ready to help you find your peace of mind. We are a trustworthy insurance agent in Port Angeles, Washington dedicated to providing you insurance with fast claim services and competitive rates.
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We Help You With:
  • Home insurance
  • Bonding
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • SR-22 Filing
  • Vehicle Insurance
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Need insurance fast? Call John Raske Insurance Agency at 360-452-3336 and we will find the right policy for you. We also offer umbrella policies that provide you additional liability coverage above your current homeowner or automobile insurance policies.
If it is an emergency and you do not have time to shop around the market, we can provide you with immediate services and a selection of insurance policies to choose from. Let our diligent insurance agents do the homework and present the top insurance plan options for you. Call us today at 360-452-3336.